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Hayoda Asks Ty Lee For Advice Edit

Ty lee gives hayoda some advice

(Hayoda and Ty Lee are training on Azula's island, standing on their hands in the garden)

Hayoda: I really don't know how to deal with it.

Ty Lee: You're doing fine, and stop frowning, you'll give yourself wrinkles.

Hayoda: No, I mean Irah, I think I'm falling for her, big time, like, this isn't just a crush any more. We always kept in the “hero” and “damsel” characters, but now I want...Well, her.

Ty Lee: I've been there. Not easy being in love is it? Especially with a princess.

Hayoda: I didn't say it was love, it's just, more than a little fanc- Wait, what?

Ty Lee: Nothing, forget I said anything...And stop frowning.

Ty Lee is the Hide-And-Go-Seek ChampionEdit

(Mai visits Azula time to time, usually when she knows Ty Lee will be there. Azula never knows when she'll show up. A few of Mai's visits have occurred during the kid's frequent visits; of course, thanks to Ty Lee, Mai was none the wiser.)

Mai: So I understand the kids have visited quite a few times.

Azula: Well, why would you think that?

Mai: Don't act like stupid, Azula. I'm just wondering how they are.

Azula: Fine, fine.

Mai: How's Irah?

Azula: An angel, Mai, I have serious doubts that you raised her.

Mai: And Sokka's kids?

Azula: Hayoda and Yue? Fine, fine.

Mai: (sighs) If that boy and Irah aren't together by the time they come home, I swear to the gods I'll cut off my hair.

(A cabinet that sounds suprisingly like Yi Lin whimpers. Ty Lee gives it a swift kick).

Ty Lee: Ohoho...Azula, you still have that rat problem! High...pitched...rats.

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